Let’s go on a road trip

Do you ever dream of just spontaneously getting in your car with your best friends and driving to all the places you’ve ever wanted to visit? I definitely have, but with limited time and money, I have to live out those dreams vicariously through movies.  Here I have three films (all on Netflix) that I always watch when I have the itch for a road trip.

Take Me Home (2011)


A man drives an illegal taxi cab in order to gain some extra cash. A woman who’s afraid of flying needs to get from New York City to California to see her ill father.  Ok so this movie is a little weird, especially hearing about the main characters, but who doesn’t like weird? This film is about these two strangers driving across America, dealing with each other, and learning about themselves along the way.  Very cheesy.  I love this movie because you get to experience the character development and growth with the characters involved.  They learn about each other’s personal lives very quickly by being their only companions throughout the trip, where of course a subtle romance is formed.  That’s another thing I love about this film, they don’t force a romantic relationship.  Yes, something happens between the characters, but it is generally withheld, so everything just comes off so sweet.  The two main characters are also a real life married couple, which always makes it even better.

Austin to Boston (2014)

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If you love acoustic music, documentaries, and VW busses, you will love this documentary. Featuring the musical talents of Ben Howard, The Staves, Nathaniel Rateliff, and Bear’s Den, these four bands and artists along with their crew, drive from Austin, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts in VW busses performing across the country.  If you have never heard of any of these artists, you need to listen to their music ASAP.  The music and cinematography throughout the documentary is so amazing I can’t even begin to describe it.  What I like most about the film; however, is that the viewer gets to see these people as more than just famous singers.  They goof around, and share stories, and life normal, authentic, really cool lives.  At the end they talk about how they become a family, how they got to know people they never would have thought they could be friends with.  As an awesome bonus, the ending credits are accompanied with BEAUTIFUL film photographs taken throughout the trip.

Almost Famous (2000)


 Yep, another concert tour across America in a bus, but loosely based on real life. If you’re interested, you can look up what that means on your own time, I’m here to tell you about the amazing film.  First of all, it is based in the 70’s when it was all sex, drugs, and rock and roll.  Second of all, it is based in the 70’s when everyone’s fashion was just on point.  Were the 70’s really that amazing? (Let me know because I will never know).  Anyway, the film is loaded with some of the best music from the time (my dad will back me up on that), making anyone who watches want to go back in time and live it.


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