Love is in the air

Honestly, what would the world be without rom-coms?! We all love them, we all hate them, but there’s something about them that always leave us feeling satisfied.  I used to be such a Nicholas Sparks fan, read most of his books, seen all of the movies, but don’t worry, I won’t be talking about them here because they don’t need anymore hype.  Here, I will share some of my three favorite rom-coms (with a little twist).

Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)

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I had to throw in an 80’s movie into the bunch. These movies are where it all started! The dorky boy/girl wants to be friends with the “populars” and date the hottest girl/guy in high school; it’s so cheesy and delicious!  The hair, the outfits, the lingo, it all makes a perfect setting to get together with old friends and have a fun “slumber party” themed night.  This movie comes with the whole transformation into a “cool guy” and the popular girl eventually seeing past his nerdiness, and falling in love.

Life Partners (2014)


This film deals more with just romantic love, which is what everyone generally assumes people need, and focuses on love between friends.  Everyone has gone through the stage of their best friend getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend and having to readjust their whole, routine, lives to squeeze in another.  Another great part of this movie is they show how lost people can be.  One of the main female leads is working a boring job to have money to live while pursuing a musical career that she doesn’t even feel passionate about anymore.  It shows that being in your 20’s is a time for risk and instability, nothing is set in stone so things can change and flow, you just have to have the courage to make it happen.

A Little Bit of Heaven (2011)


For real, this is one of my favorite movies of all time, ALL TIME! Not a spoiler, she has cancer and is going to die, but just because it is such a morbid and scary topic, the movie is more than just a sob story.  Ok, so every time I watch it I ball my eyes out and use a whole box of tissues, but that should only show how invested I got into the whole thing.  The main character finds out about her news, but that doesn’t stop her from living.  She handles everything that is thrown at her so gracefully that it makes you take a step back and look at your own life, telling yourself “wow I need to be more like her”.


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