Artist Zine

Zine booklet

I created a playlist of songs or albums or artists that I love to show the world.  Music is special and personalized for everyone, so displaying important lyrics give the audience a look into my thoughts.  The few album covers that I chose, I chose because they are very artistic and well thought out.  They are not just a pretty shot of the artist or the band, but it reflects the sound and feel of the album itself.  One of the rules of this project was to only use found text.  This automatically reminded me of old ransom letters that used cut outs of different words and letters to form complete sentences.  I wanted to incorporate this in a way that made the text look somewhat impersonal.  However, I used this technique to form lyrics from songs that I really enjoy and have a personal attachment to.  I am very happy with my final product, and decided to print in color because I think some of the content would be lost without it.  My one major problem was not being able to do the “short edge binding” when printing, and that was a technical difficulty that I was unable to figure out.


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