Interdimensional Forms

I had a lot of different ideas for the initial project that were really close to the heart, things that I associated with my home.  I thought of making a wave or my couch in the living room, but I wanted to expand what “home” was.  Thinking about it more, home is not just my childhood; I still have a home even though I am in another state.  This brought me to the decision of using my iPhone 6 to use as a model for my Sketchup and real life sculpture.  It connects me to my friends and family using facetime and social media, I can look at old pictures, and take new ones.

For the texture and the material, I was going to use for my sculpture, I thought about what were some important things in my life.  Looking around my room, I had pictures covering my walls.  So I decided to use some of those pictures to make my 3D model.  I also use thumbtacks which I use to hang posters, pictures, and calendars up, which makes my room personalized and homey.



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